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Should there be labeling on genetically modified foods?

What are GMFs?

GMFs are genetically modified foods which are foods that have had their DNA modified by humans, so the process is unnatural.


-These crops are more resistant to insects, which means that more of the crop is saved leaving more food for us.

- They are also resistant to weed killer, so we can use weed killer without worrying about damaging the crop.

- Also they are disease and drought resistant making the crop healthier and saving more of it.


- Pollen from the genetically modified plant gets onto a wild plant that another organism eats which then harms that organism.

- People may also be allergic to the new chemicals introduced to the crops.

- There is also the fear of interbreeding, so that the weeds may become resistant to weed killer too.

My Opinion

I think that GMF should be labeled, because everyone wants to know what they are putting into their body. Even if its good, for example healthy food is still labeled even though people know it has good ingredients they still like to see exactly what is in it right in front of them.