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Have you ever heard of it? IT WORKS! He has been featuring on the Emmy recent years. With minimum cost of $ 30.00 ($5.00 off) = $25.00 per application and you will see results in just 45 minutes. Most people fail to lose between 1-3 inches in 45 minutes. It is a great way to help their patients detoxification along with the programs offered. Do you want to try? Alternatively, just we can arrange an appointment and we talked about it. We could send you a proposal to offer you if you need more information. If it is more comfortable just may coordinate an appointment so we can explain better how it works.

It Works! It is like magic - is a specific target applicator preloaded body with natural herbs and essential oils. When absorbed through the skin - which detoxifies the area and into the fat cells to break down toxins that cause fat cells to reduce the size. Not water loss! The results start at 45 minutes and continue for three days. The results are amazing! This amazing service can be using to offer as an additional service or an independent program. This is a wonderful way to help patients detoxify from outside to inside How does it feel to offer such incredible service?

Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you can. As a testimony, we work with one Spa and one Chiropractic Clinic and they increase their patients and clients in only 30 days!

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This exclusive body slimming Applicator is a site-specific, non-woven cloth (11" x 22") that is infusing with botanical ingredients. No synthetic, artificial, or animal by-products are contained in the Applicators. Targeting the areas your clients want to reduce, the Applicator can be applying to the stomach, thighs, chin/neck, back or arms. A maximum of two Applicators should be applied at once. A single Applicator contains 12 active ingredients that absorb through the skin to the sub dermal layers to stimulate cellular Lipolysis activity and increase lymphatic drainage, which causes inch loss, not water loss. The Applicator also:

  • Firms, tones and tightens skin
  • Eliminates cellulite and skin slackening
  • Shrinks fat cells

The Applicator must be worn for at least 45 minutes, and there is no limit on how long to keep it on. Once the Applicator is removed, any remaining product should be rubbed into the skin. The ingredients stay in the body for 72 hours, so a subsequent Applicator should be applied 3 days after the first was administered. The Applicators provide immediate and progressive results, and once the desired results are achieved, they typically last two to 6 months. The Applicator should not be used on women who are pregnant or nursing.

As a companion product to the Applicator, the Defining Gel can be applied daily for improved results during the treatment process as well as a daily moisturizer and firming gel to maintain results. Used in areas that show signs of cellulite, sagging skin (slackening), and stretch marks, the Defining Gel contains the same active ingredients as the Applicator, but in a reduced concentration that is safe for everyday use.


My goal is to help change your life radically. Help you to understand What is it Works? What is it for? What that's It contains? What that we earn at the end of treatment?. My products are completely 100% natural botanical basis and honesty since the bottom of my heart I could say: "IT WORKS!"
Please visit my web site, where you will find the range of products to meet their needs.
The most significant product that we offer is the so-called The body applicator or body wrap, which you use for 45 min and you will get in this incredible time results in your skin, and your body . You will see the difference in your skin.The hydration, the varicose veins, cellulite, stretch marks, stains. At the time; in addition to losing inches, is estimated to be between 1-3 inches per session.
Contact Me for more information or to arrange an appointment to get started! Register as client and get the benefits even up to 50% off for life.

Video on YouTube in Spanish: 36 min on detail use and benefits.

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