TLOD Newsletter

September 4, 2014

The 6th Annual SickleCell-Abration

Saturday, Sep. 6th, 6-10pm

6701 Zionsville Rd

Indianapolis, IN

Venue: Pikes Performing Arts Center

The 6th Annual SickleCell-Abration concert to raise awareness of Sickle Cell Disease will feature Raheem DeVaughn and Men in the Fire. This can be a great activity for Ladies and Teens. Although it’s FREE, tickets are required for admission. Please contact Lady Clark Thomas for tickets. Those attending should plan to meet inside the entrance at 5:30 PM.

TLOD Executive Board Meeting- September 11, 2014 (7:00 - 8:30pm)

All Officers and Thrust/Project Chairs

Conference Call (Lady Wells will send a separate notice)

TLOD Monthly Meeting & The Black Women's Agenda

Saturday, Sep. 13th, 9:30am-12:30pm

1669 Columbia Ave

Indianapolis, IN

Venue: St. John AME Church

NOTE: The TLOD Meeting will take place at this location from 1-2pm in one of the church meeting rooms.

The Indianapolis Chapter of TLOD is invited to attend the Black Women’s Agenda forum and the September chapter meeting will be held immediately following at the church. The event is sponsored by AARP and is a collaborative effort of several national organizations, including TLOD. This event is open to the public, however, a count is needed for the hand-outs and lunch. (Please confirm your attendance with Lady Wells by 9/10/14) Please note, refreshments will not be provided by TLOD for this meeting.

Our attendance and participation at this event will allow us to meet the 5-Star chapter requirements for the Senior Citizens, Status of Women and Community Partnership Thrusts.

All Ladies are asked to wear your TLOD Pink Oxford Shirt, Black Skirt or Pants and your Pink TLOD Cap (for those who have them). We will take a chapter photo that will be used for upcoming publications and conferences.


9:30 AM Registration

10:00 AM 1st Panel - Types of Senior Health Care & Caregiver Support

11:00 AM Break

11:30 AM 2nd Panel – Financial Literacy & Legal Rights for Senior Care

12:30 PM Q&A / Wrap Up / Boxed Lunches distributed – (TLOD to depart to meeting room)

1:00 PM TLOD Chapter Meeting

2:00 PM Dismissal

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TTA Chapter Meeting / Informational Meeting

Sunday, Sep. 28th, 3-5pm

6525 Zionsville Rd

Indianapolis, IN

Venue: Pike Library

Refreshments: Lady Vickie Clark Thomas, Lady Patricia McGruder

Area V- Cincinnati, OH. November 6-9, 2014

Area V registration fees are due on October 4th. Fees are as follows:

Ladies- $185

Teens- $100

Lords- $135

Summer and September Birthdays!!!!

Lady Grays- July 8th

Lady Parker- July 12th

Lady Patton- August 12th

Lady Watts- August 13th

Lady Dabner- August 16th

Lady Kemp- August 20th

Lady LC Thomas- August 22nd

Lady Curlin- August 30th

Chapter Members & Officers

Lady Marsha Wells- President

Lady Annmarie Byers- TTA Advisor

Lady Vickie Cater- Community Partnerships

Lady Frankie Cooper- Sergeant at Arms & Senior Citizens

Lady Bernice Curlin- Treasurer

Lady Doris Dabner- UNCF

Lady Kimberly Grays- Corresponding Secretary

Lady Edna Kemp- Financial Secretary

Lady Patricia McGruder- NCNW

Lady Elinor Nelson

Lady Sandra Parker- Status of Women & NAACP

Lady Lula Patton- Parliamentarian & Beautification

Lady Mary Taylor

Lady Mary Thomas

Lady Victoria L.C. Thomas- Vice President & Sickle Cell

Lady Vivian Watts- Recorder