A Saparate Peace

By John Knowles

Why Read A Seperate Peace?

A separate Peace is a novel of two young men who are co- dependent amongst each other who stagger pursuing their own dreams in the fulfillment of mimicking each other.

The reason to read this book the writing style of this book is very fine it helps mangle and swirl the ideas of jealousy and inner worth with out ever getting to unrealistic and always making it relatable.

Also the idea of friendship that book gives between Finny and Gene is warming as loyalty and sacrifice fills the idea of the book and we can relate to as everyone has that one friend that gives a type of Finny and Gene relationship.

Plus the book was not so expensive so if you are worried about money it is only about 10 dollars.

What to expect?





The novel A Separate Peace focuses on friendship, friendship blurs identity as one boy begins to assimilate the life of a other.

Warfare, Youth, Identity, Jealousy is the theme of the novel

As warfare, would be feelings of hostility resentment and fear dominate even what should be the most peaceful of environments.

Youth, as exist in its environment isolated physically mentally and emotionally from the rest of the world

identity, as it explores the difficulties with understanding the self during adolescence with a difficult friendship with a fellow student and rival leads to a further confusion of identity.

Jealousy is just one of the slew of negative emotions in the novel A separate Peace among them fear and resentment. As like Gene is envious of Finny's natural athletic ability.