West Weekly Update

Volume 12, Issue 1, 8/15/21

From the desk of Mr. Jolliffe

Thank you for a great first few days! I think most of us forgot what a full building looked and felt like. The energy the kids brought was definitely fun to experience again. This week will be a full five days and that will certainly push the limits for you and the students. Please encourage them to get extra sleep, drink lots of water and eat some protein to maximize their learning.

It will be important to inform the students about the new Wednesday schedule. The less students in the building from 7:50-8:30 will make supervision easier and ultimately be safer for the students. Teacher assignments and locations will be sent on Monday. Most of these groups are your departments. Please work to develop your roles and norms. We have been asking for additional time to work with our peers and we need to make this time as beneficial as possible.

During academy time this week, we will host grade level assemblies starting with Seniors on Monday. Take attendance and then head to the auditorium. Students are expected to sit in the non-taped seats so we have social distancing (at least a seat apart). Please continue to encourage masking up to limit the spread of COVID. Juniors will be Tuesday, Sophomores on Thursday and Freshmen on Friday. Common area expectations, tardy policy, passes, Wednesday schedule, back to school bash and class chants will be covered.

I need every teacher to triple check your rosters and make sure the students in your room are on your roster. We often have kids sitting in classes that they are not assigned to. This cannot happen. If you find students that are not on your list or there are other errors, please send your counselor and Mrs. Ramsey an email so we can get this cleaned up. Taking a minute or two with your academy time students to review their schedule is important. Students need to report to you if they are in a class they have already taken and passed. With remote learning our kids may not remember what they have or have not taken and the next step would be to conduct a transcript review. Students need to own this but we need to help them navigate the process.

At this time we are treating student quarantines like any other absence. Thus, if you have a student missing time please work to get them the assignments they have missed. We are seeing numerous household contacts and this can cause a student to miss up to 20-25 days. More to come from the district on this topic.

As I mentioned during report week, I want you focusing on reducing your content so that you can have greater success with the content you teach. Choose your priority standards and teach them until your kids get the major topics. This will improve your morale and the morale of our kids. Timely grading and upkeep on your gradebook is a must. Your kids and families need this feedback. I also ask that you examine what you are entering in your gradebook as we head towards SRL. Grades for non-learning related items need to be phased out. Points for signatures, Kleenex or participation do not reflect whether our kids have learned the content.

Relationships, relationships, relationships…..Pioneers lead the way!!! - Mr. Jolliffe


Academy Time Activities

Refer to calendar:


Academy Time 2021-22 - OneDrive (sharepoint.com)

  1. Are you on track to graduate?
  2. What classes do you need to graduate?
  3. What academy strand did you complete?
  4. \What if your GPA?
  5. YOU will be college and career ready!


West High Wellness Initiative

Check out all the information in the Teams Channel

If you are interested in offering your talents, please email Sross2@usd259.net

Let’s work together!


Events at West

Technology Check out - Seniors & Juniors

Monday, Aug. 16th, 8am to Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 3pm

Senior & Junior English Classes

Senior Class Assembly

Monday, Aug. 16th, 9:30am

West High Auditorium

Take attendance

Listen for the announcement after the Pledge of Allegiance

Fall Sports Tryouts Begin

Monday, Aug. 16th, 3:30-5:30pm

Athletic Areas

Junior Class Assembly

Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 9:30am

West High Auditorium

Take attendance

Listen for the announcement after the Pledge of Allegiance

Booster Club Meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 6pm

West High Library

Sophomore Technology Distribution

Thursday, Aug. 19th, 8am to Friday, Aug. 20th, 3pm

Sophomore English Classes

Sophomore Class Assembly

Thursday, Aug. 19th, 9:30am

West High Auditorium

Take attendance

Listen for the announcement after the Pledge of Allegiance

Freshman Class Assembly

Friday, Aug. 20th, 9:30am

West High Auditorium

Take attendance

Listen for the announcement after the Pledge of Allegiance

Back to School Bash

Friday, Aug. 20th, 3:30-7pm

West High Pool & Tennis Courts

3:30-4:45 - West High Swimming Pool

5:00-7:00 - West High Tennis Courts


Around West

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West High Pioneer Booster Club

Our Booster Club has the following t-shirts and hoodies available. Please contact Mrs. Ramsey or Mr. Wanger if you are interested in any of these items.


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