IE Team Weekly Update

Edition #2 January 11-15

the 411 - Things to Know

  1. Elementary coaches should plan to attend one day of the Assessment for Learning this week to learn and work alongside the ELA writers on assessment design. Register in Keep Certified by searching for Assessment for Learning, Day 2.

    Tuesday 1/12, Grade K-1 writers

    Wednesday 1/13, Grade 2-3 writers

    Thursday 1/14, Grade 4-6 writers

  2. Our next Instructional Coaches meeting is on Friday, January 15th from 8:00am-11:00am at ASC in the Riley & Mill Creek rooms. Prior to this meeting, please read the segment below in Coaching for Excellence and watch the video link. Bring your iPad with the Post It Note App downloaded. We will be sharing what Instructional Excellence means and profile of a learner assignments, please be ready to access these. Register in Keep Certified by searching for Instructional Coaches.
  3. Take a moment to subscribe to the IE team You Tube playlist where you'll find videos of EPS teachers and also a collection of videos for professional learning. Upload your own videos by following these instructions.
  4. If you're participating in the Teaching Reading in Small Groups course, please complete the entire course, session #4-6 prior to our workshop on January 22nd. Complete this form if you're requesting the training rate for completing this learning. Register in Keep Certified by searching for Teaching Reading in Small Groups.

Professional Learning Section

Coaching for Excellence

With each of us having a powerful tool for capturing video at our finger tips, it make sense to add the use of video as a tool for professional learning and coaching in Eden Prairie Schools. What makes video so powerful is how it helps us to see exactly what it looks like when we teach and captures the ways in which our students are learning. In his book, Focus on Teaching, Jim Knight outlines 3 key factors why many professionals often don't have a clear picture of what it looks like when they do their work.

1. Busyness of Teaching - Inside our classrooms "teachers are making somewhere between 800 and 1,500 decisions everyday" (Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional Kauchak & Eggen, 2005, p.55) Between delivering material monitoring student learning, engagement and behavior it becomes extremely difficult to step back and take in everything happening in the classroom while teaching. Video allows the opportunity for the teacher to see what they may have missed and offers time to reflect upon their practice and most importantly make observations of student learning.

2. Habituation - Many professionals struggle with as sense of habituation, this happens when we lose our sensitivity to things we experience repeatedly. This can cause teachers to forget the true joy of this work, the importance in empowering students and what it means to truly teach. Teachers may also stop seeing children when they aren't learning, disengagement may not be easily recognized during class. The use of video allows teachers the chance to notice students and experience the art of their craft in a new way.

3. Confirmation Bias - This is the tendency to look for data which supports our preexisisting beliefs, attitudes and bias. Health and Health (2013) describe confirmation bias as our natural tendency to seek data to support our assumptions. The use of video gives us a clear picture of reality and assists in confronting our bias through reflection of student learning and our instruction.

Video becomes a powerful tool as it cuts through habituation, confirmation bias and the complexity of teaching to give a true picture of what is happening. This video clip give an overview of coaching with video and the powerful impact this can have on student learning.

Instructional Excellence

The AVID Blog, Adventures in College and Career Readiness is a fantastic resource with many ideas and instructional strategies to help move us towards Instructional Excellence. Take a look at the latest blog entry listing the Top 10 Blogs for 2015.

Comprehensive Balanced Literacy EC-12

This article written by Jennifer Serravallo, Reading Time with Goals in Mind focuses on the importance of goal setting to increase the success of independent reading. Serravallo explains students must be engaged with clear goals to maximize time spent during independent reading. The act of teachers and students creating goals together for reading takes engagement, motivation and purpose to a new level.

How can you use this article and the idea of setting goals for reading with those you coach?

Instructional Coaches Meeting

Friday, Jan. 15th, 8-11am

ASC - Riley Creek & Mill Creek Meeting Rooms (formerly North A&B)

Learning Studio Workshop

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 4-6pm

ASC - Eagles Development Center

Teaching Reading in Small Groups Sessions 4-6

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 12-4pm

ASC - Eagles Development Center

Assessment for Learning

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 8:30am-4pm

ASC - Eagles Development Center

Tuesday 1/12, Grade K-1 writers

Wednesday 1/13, Grade 2-3 writers

Thursday 1/14, Grade 4-6 writers