Natural Disaster In Uttarakhand


A journey through Uttarakhand's flooded landscape.

An unusually intensive fusion of two weather systems from opposite directions triggered the devastating floods in northern India's Uttarakhand state, where floods have flattened homes and swept away roads and bridges.

Lets Take A Review On The After Effects

Reasons For the disaster

There Are 3 Main Natural Reasons-

  1. EARLY MONSOON: The early onset of monsoon is believed to be the heaviest in 80 years which caught people unawares (hence causing significant damage to life and property), but there is no plausible reason for the earliness of monsoon to have intensified the floods.
  2. EXTREME RAINFALL EVENT: High rainfall magnitudes are not very rare in Uttarakhand. While the data is not analysed, rainfall in the affected districts does not seem to have been so high as to suggest an exceptionally rare event.
  3. WIDESPREAD RAINS : The rainfall events before and during the above floods occurred widely over the catchments of Alaknanda , Bhagirathi and other rivers, thereby sending high runoff into these rivers. But such widespread rains in these regions are also not as exceptional as the flood fury suggests.

Places where disaster was severe.

Gangotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gaurikund, Hemkund, Jyotirmath, Roopkund.

Some Images

Steps Taken by the government.

Stepping up relief efforts, government on Friday deployed more aircraft to evacuate thousands stranded in rain-ravaged Uttarakhand even as Railways pitched in with free travel to enable those rescued to reach their hometowns.

As many as 33,152 persons have been moved to safer areas in massive relief and rescue operations launched by the Central and state governments in the last few days to tackle the unprecedented situation caused by flash floods.


The remedies for the natural and man made faces of disasters like the Uttarakhand floods are different in nature. Natural causes cannot be waived away, but we can prepare to face them. Thus, knowing that monsoons may set in vigorously in mid-June, it may be prudent to remove tourists and valuable assets from hazard-prone regions by early June.

A Small Summary Clip

BBC News - India floods: Uttarakhand missing 'presumed dead'

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By Joel Jacob