A New Approach to Quick Checks (Formative Assessments)

Plickers Introduction

Plickers is a new classroom polling system that can display results in real time. The only materials that you will need to get started are paper, a printer (with ink), and a iPad (tablet or any smartphone).

It is a classroom response app that teachers can use VERY easily WITHOUT having a device for each student-how cool!

SHS App Review - Plickers

How To Get Started

Setting Up Your Class

  1. CLICK HERE to login to the Plickers website to create a FREE account.
  2. After signing up, click Add A New Class and enter all of the students in your class. (Note-Students will be assigned a number according to how you enter them. The first student you enter will be 1, the next student will be 2, and so on.)
  3. Print a plickers card for each student by clicking on the Cards icon at the top right corner. You will then need to click on the sample plickers card in the center of the page. (Consider laminating cards or printing on card stock for multiple uses.)

Importing Questions

  1. After logging into the PLICKERS website, click on the Library icon located in the top left corner.
  2. Type in your first question along with the multiple choice answer choices (be sure to indicate which answer is correct by clicking the box to the right of the answer choice).
  3. Click Save, and then the Plus Symbol to assign it to your class.
  4. If you would like to see what it would look like prior to sharing with students, click Live View.
  5. Sign Out when you are done adding questions.

Classroom Procedures

  1. Download the Plickers Application onto the iPad (tablet or smartphone) that you will use during the lesson.
  2. Choose the camera icon (bottom on Apple devices or top right for Android devices).
  3. Scan the classroom with your device. As you do so, you should see your students' names briefly highlighted as pluckers records their response. Plickers will display how many students' responses you've captured and which students you do not have data for. Use this information to rescan different areas of the class until you have all student responses. (Note-Don't worry about accidentally scanning the same student's card-pluckers will only record your first scan.)
  4. When you're done recording student responses with Plickers, select the checkmark at the bottom to close the camera view.

Tip To Share With Students

Encourage students to hold their cards by the edges so their fingers aren't accidentally covering the Plickers code.

Reviewing Student Answers

  • After asking a question and scanning the responses, you will automatically be taken to view the data from that question on your iPad (tablet or smartphone).
  • To view the responses/data on your desktop computer, login to the Plickers website, choose your class, and select the question that you would like to see the responses for.

Plickers Conclusion

  • Clickers is an easy to use, free, and very helpful resource that can be used at any grade level!
  • If you would like more information or one-on-one help in creating your class/questions, please let me know as I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to help! I am also available to assist with classroom integration if requested!

Courtney Winn Hamilton

Madison County Board of Education

Harvest Elementary School

Technology Integration Mentor