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Our photosynthesis plan

Our photosynthesis plan comes with the following accessories: chloroplast, sunlight energy, oxygen, glucose/sugar, carbon dioxide, and water.

Here are the steps leading up to Photosynthesis

I'm going to start with carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide comes from us(people) breathing out, then the plant breathes out, oxygen and glucose/sugar comes out, then the same things happen. The plant also needs Chloroplast, chloroplast uses chlorophyll to trap sunlight energy, to give to the plant, then the light energy combines with the carbon dioxide and water, to create the plants food.

chemical equation:

6CO2+6H2O+Energy->C6 H12 O6+602

Carbon dioxide+water+sunlight -> glucose+oxygen gas

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Below is in case you didn't catch where the plant gets it's energy from

The plant gets in energy from the sun, to help the process of photosynthesis, also sunlight combines with carbon dioxide and water to create the plants food.

Our Clients

Our customers are plants because they do photosynthesis.


This plan basically comes with everything you need for a great price. Every 3 years you will get an upgrade, meaning it will be half the price of the original. If you break it, you get automatic insurance so you will get a free one.