Week Ahead

Sept. 28- Oct 2, 2015

Thanks for a great week of teaching and learning at Enterprise! Tammy was excited to see the level of engagement in your classrooms. Just a reminder that anaphylaxis training and offence declarations need to be completed by Wednesday. As well, don't forget to complete your OT packages.

"I try to meet my students where they are when they walk in the door, not forgetting about where they could be going." ~ Chris Gosselin

Visible Learning Mindframes

This Week:

Mon. Sept. 28 Day 4- Picture Day :)

-Karen at interview at 7:45, in Napanee

-Heather Giffin will be here after first recess for articulation assessments

Tues Sept. 29 Day 5- Lucie Henderson begins co-op placement with Diane;

-Health and Safety inspection; 8:15

-Kinder classroom visits

-Chad away for the afternoon

Wed. Sept. 30 Day 1-Treat Day- Doreen;

-Terry Fox Run, 2:00 p.m.

--Bus safety presentations: JK-4 @9 :15; 5-8 @ 10:00

-Final day for e-training

Thurs. Oct. 1 Day 2- Grade 7/8 immunizations

-cheese goes home

-Kinder classroom visits

Fri. Oct. 2 Day 3- Kinder classroom visits

-Bus Patroller training @ Centreville

Upcoming Events:

Mon. Oct. 5 Cross Country race @ Fort Henry

Tues. Oct. 6- Bus evacuation practice; 8:55

Wed. Oct. 7

Thurs. Oct. 8- Karen at mentor meeting p.m.

-ECE appreciation Day

Fri. Oct. 9- Karen away

-Co-ed Soccer

Oct 12- Thanksgiving Monday