PK3.3 News

1st - 5th February


Last week Nahuel was promoted to the very important role of big brother when his new baby brother Kai arrived. Congratulations to the Conzelman family and our best wishes to you all.


I send a huge thank you to everyone for all the effort and spirit you have put in to our SPIRIT WEEK here at ISP. We have had such a fantastic week with the children, I hope you enjoy just some of the many memories we made below.

Wishing you all a fabulous Carnival break, Ms Jeanette



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Let's stick together

On Wednesday we played a game using our bodies as magnets. Holding a magnet wand I showed the children how the metal ball I held in my other hand was attracted to it.

The children then pretended their bodies were magnets and metal and "stuck" together. In pairs they mirrored each others movements, taking turns to be the magnet and the metal and lead the game by moving slowly in different directions.

Building a neighbourhood

We have been talking about the different parts of buildings and using popsicle sticks the children worked on constructing buildings with walls, a roof, windows and doors. As they worked they identified shapes such as rectangles, squares and triangles.

Construction continued with blocks, stickle bricks and legos as the children applied their new learning of buildings during free choice time. These activities build connections between our buildings study unit and their real life experiences, strengthen fine motor skills and promote creativity.

Literacy building blocks

We love our classroom library! It's so great to see the children taking an interest in reading and sharing books together. Below are some tips on how to encourage your children to build a love of literacy:

  • Share a story every day. It doesn’t have to be at bedtime but please make sure that the TV is off to help your child to concentrate.
  • When you are reading or chatting, begin to blend the sounds that we have been learning by asking questions such as "can you get your h –a—t? Hat"
  • Encourage your child to use talk to express their own ideas and preferences. Ask them open ended questions or offer them choices to encourage them to take the lead when you are playing together.

      • What did we read this week?

        City Lullaby - Marilyn Singer

        Block city - Robert Louis Stevenson and Daniel Kirk

        Changes, changes - Pat Hutchins


        Carnavales Break: 8th - 12th February. Classes recommence Monday 15th February.

        Conscious Discipline Parent Workshop: Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00 a.m. - Choices

        Please plan to join us in the ES conference room to share, reflect, and learn together about Conscious Discipline, the behavior management program that is used in PK and Kindergarten at ISP

        Sister School Supply Drive: A friendly reminder that we are gathering school supplies for our sister school in Las Trancas. The drive ends February 19. Thank you in advance for helping support our friends at Gabriel Lewis Galindo Elementary School.

        • Pre-Kinder 3: 1 box of crayons and 1 package of play dough
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