What is it?


Smore flyers are like mini websites that help spread the word. For small businesses, this acts as a platform for online promotion. It is easy and fun for non-technical people to make professional and functional 'online flyers.' Smore is completely free although different plans (that cost money) can be chosen.

Easy to use


Sharing your Smore flyers are simple and easy. Flyers can be shared through email or some social media sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.) Inviting friends to check your flyer out and/or to share it is also possible with Smore.


Both Avidan and Atar came from Israel to participate in TechStars Seattle. After 3 short months they lined up groups of mentors and investors. About 3 years ago is when they participated in the TechStars and now have raised $1.7 million


You can check out your flyer's performance by clicking on "Show Analytics." With this you can check where your visitors are coming from (if they're coming from another website, you are able to see what website.) You can also see how long visitors are spending on your flyer and what they are doing on your flyer. Lastly, if you're using a flyer for an event, RSVPs can be recorded as 'goals.'
Unfortunately, Analytics are only available after 30 or more views, or upgraded to Pro.
Smore Online Flyer and Newsletter Creator