Congratulations on a PHENOMENAL MARCH!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to those that sold one pair of earrings and others that sold over $6K this month. You are all such a huge part of this team and I couldn't be prouder of the efforts, sales, and growth of our team this month. HUGE Kudos to those that invested in their businesses last month for attending a BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE Training or watched our amazing Webinar last night. Investing time and energy in your business helps that needle move, no doubt. Congrats to those that beat their best in sales in March or sponsored their first stylist. Those are HUGE accomplishments and should be celebrated. Be proud of yourself for getting out of your comfort zone, making cold calls to businesses, asking someone on your "chicken list" to host or join your team. These are things that make you grow as a person, leader and stylist and those are AWESOME things to feel good about. As a team we sold a lot of jewelry. Our Team GCV was over $75,000. That of a Senior Director Team that we are going for in April. We also brought on and qualified 14 new stylists in March. Amazing! To top off March results we had 5 Promotions to LEAD STYIST. Hooray!

Congratulations to the Winners of the April Challenge. Top in Sales was Karie Matthews, selling $6,700.24 and Top in Qualified Sponsorships was Lucy Wheeler with 3. Both Karie and Lucy have earned a $100 credit to to get a piece of HAPPY Apparel of their choice. CONGRATULATIONS!

Top Sales:

Karie Matthews $6700

Cindy Briggeman $6000

Cynthia Dittman $4641

Julie Chang $4225

Heather Cooper $4124

Lucy Wheeler $3698

Sherri Carmouche $3578

Dana Sparks $3450

Lori Tahsler $3291

Mary Gomes $3269

Top Sponsorships

Lucy Wheeler 3

Molly Hills, 1

Cindy Briggeman,1

Mary Gomes, 1

Chara Rodrigues, 1

Ivy Nagel, 1

Kaela McGuire, 1

Jenny Gremillion, 1

Lisa Schully, 1

Marisa Schwabe, 1

Deana Estrada, 1

Laura Phares, 1



Kaela McGuire, Deana Estrada, Chara Rodrigues, Marisa Schwabe, Lisa Schully


April Tools

April is going to be a stellar month as well. We have a new Summer Capsule Collection, a super cute Autism Awareness Boutique benefiting the HOLLYROD FOUNDATION and a Sign Up Special for those women out there that are about to get sponsored by YOU! Lots to talk about and sell out there. Also, our Trunk Show Exclusive Offers are wonderful too this month! I posted a video on the Red Haute Facebook Page for you to check out.

As a team, my Goal this month is to become a Senior Director Team. There I said it. As it gives me butterflies to say, I am really excited and feel confident that we can do it TOGETHER. Our team needs to sell at least $75K in GCV, I need to have 4 STARS Stylists+ on my first line and I need to sell at least $2308 personally. Every single one of you is part of this team and will be a part of the promotion. I would love to walk into Hoopla representing the RED HAUTE RUBIES....a SENIOR DIRECTOR TEAM! Are you in?!

Have a wonderful month, attend a Team Meet Up in Your area (Check the LOUNGE!) host your own online AUTISM AWARENESS SHOW, reach out to your Who do you know list and have fun booking, selling and sponsoring!



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