A Moment with Mrs. Morgan

April 17, 2015

Contact Information

Erin Morgan, K-3 Resource

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Kmail: Use Mrs. Spera's kmail

Phone Number: 678-383-7803 (Google Voice)


  • Please pay attention to each section and make sure you get all the information! Please reach out to me with any questions!
  • ATTENDANCE! If your student is out because he/she is sick, please let me know! You can enter an hour of time for that day and then let me know how you plan to make up the missed assignments, or I can help you make a plan to catch up! :) (click on the word ATTENDANCE for more help)
  • Dibels Spring Testing- If you missed the Dibels sessions, please kmail me so we can schedule a time to meet. This is required for everyone!

Testing Weeks

Third Grade Learning Coaches and Parents- Please take note of my phone number in case I need to be reached during testing week. The Google Voice phone number will be the best to use! 678-383-7803- You can call or text that number.

* I will be out of the office testing for the next two weeks and won't be checking kmail daily. If it is an emergency, please contact my Google Voice number!

* I will be back in the Office on Monday, May 4th.

Georgia Milestone Testing Tips

Good luck third graders next week on The Georgia Milestone. Here are a few helpful tips:

* Get a good night's sleep.

* Eat a big, healthy breakfast

* Be on time!

* Relax

* Do your personal best! :)

Dibels Testing

* Dibels Spring Testing- This is required for everyone!

If I did not see you this week for Dibels or we have scheduled another time, please contact me. It will not take long! :)


Are you social? Our families are! The following Facebook pages are monitored, official locations where families can stay informed, share their experiences, voice their opinions, as well as communicate and collaborate with other families and staff members. There are other Facebook groups that GCA families participate in but these are the only ones that are sanctioned and monitored by GCA. CLICK HERE http://www.gcaptso.org/ga_gca_regional_information.html for a complete list of all 12 region Facebook pages, parent leader names and email addresses. Share with your families!

Learning Coach- Live Help!


Mon 1:00-1:30, Thur 9:00-9:30

These sessions are for new or returning LC’s who need additional navigational support or assistance meeting requirements.


Learning Coaches Tips and Resources

  • Visit Triumph Online:

Log in for assignments that can help your student with grade level material

Login information:

Username: studentid@gca PW:gca

  • The only classes mandatory for your student to attend are the ones in their IEPs. Any other classes you may see are just extra resources for you

Study Island

Continue to work for Blue Ribbons or to complete lessons in Study Island

School Counselor's Corner

Please join us for K-5 Kid’s Assembly on Thursdays at 2:00. This is a student-led assembly that is optional to attend.

Mrs. Collins’ Class Link: http://tinyurl.com/mrscollinsclass

All sessions are listed on the GCA Event calendar.

Click here for calendar


Portfolios: Due to me as soon as possible!

· Be on the lookout for GKIDS activities :)

1st Grade

First Grade Outing! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WJ3J6FD

>Be sure to mark attendance in the OLS!

>DIBELS…End of Year Benchmark Goals

How to Help Your Child with Nonsense Words and Oral Reading Fluency:

A video tutorial has been created to help you understand how to help your child practice nonsense words and reading fluency. Please click on the links below to view the tutorials. Then use the resources in the online fluency file (listed above):

Nonsense Word Fluency Training: Nonsense Word Video

Oral Reading Fluency Training: Oral Reading Fluency Video

Big image

2nd Grade

  • A+ Login info,

Math and ELA Lessons:


Enter your Log-on Name and Password
Log-on Name: studentid@gca

Example: 123456@gca
Password: studentid Example: 123456

  • Be sure to mark attendance in the OLS for classes and class work time.
  • Portfolios: Due to me as soon as possible!

3rd Grade

Georgia Milestone Testing starts on Monday, April 20th!

Practice Website for GA Milestone Testing


>Be sure to mark attendance in the OLS for your work in A+, along with your OLS work

>LC’s you need to log into A+ with your student and complete Math and ELA work, OLS Math and ELA classes do not need to be completed.

>A+ Login info,

Math and ELA Lessons:


Enter your Log-on Name and Password
Log-on Name: studentid@gca

Example: 123456@gca
Password: studentid Example: 123456

> Portfolios: due as soon as possible!


1. Here is a link for more information on the test: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Assessment/Pages/Georgia-Milestones-Assessment-System.aspx

2. If your student has the read aloud accommodation, you may bring your own headphones.

3. I will let you all know about testing sites, as soon as I know about them. :)

>Important links and websites:

Tips to Working Around Obstacles


3rd Grade Math Parent Academy held on Thursday, August 28th—recording


Mrs. James Homeroom Orientation on 08/12/14


Elementary School Orientation

Elementary School Orientation Recording 2014

3rd Grade’s Live Binder


password: gca

Strong Start