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Media is word with many meanings. I was first introduced to the word when I was about 7 years of age. It was when I first entered a library also known as the media center. I honestly don’t think I’ve really learned the true meaning of the word. I believe that media means news that comes in different categories. A Category Such as social media is one that I can relate to. I am deeply involved in social media. I have 3 accounts: Kik, Twitter, and Instagram account. Kik is a messaging app where you can message just about anyone. Very similar to texting but you’re not giving your number out and your keeping your privacy. Instagram started as a app that allows you to post pictures and comment on those you are following as well as your followers. They have added even more cool features to Instagram is that you can upload videos now and also send direct messages to those of your choice. Now twitter on the other hand is more of what I like to call the “All Around Media. It is more advanced than kik and Instagram because it allows you do all of which they can and more. On twitter you can tweet, upload pics, upload videos, share music and even send direct messages. These are just one example of the different types of media. Media is just one of the words that means a lot and can be used for many sources. If you are in to sports or celebrities it may be necessary to follow the media. You may want to keep up with football scores, find out where the amigos next concert is or even just want to see what new rumors are being spread out there. I think to media literate you must be accurate with the news or what going on in with our youth. You must know the statics and facts. For example, I would be media literate if I knew who create twitter, and how many people have a twitter account. Its All about knowing the background.

Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Coca Cola

Coca Cola in the commercial for everyone which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that you should go all the way with everything you do; never stop and anyone else’s limits, as well as in going all the way push your limits onto the product of Coca Cola. Coca Cola promotes soda by depicting clinching your thirst with a Coca Cola product is the best choice for any person on this earth! No matter what age, color, shape, or size.Coca Cola attempts to get viewers to use their product as their drink of choice in order to set new standards on the way people spend their money and change the view of consumer’s life. It also helps the company grow financially. This commercial uses an emotional tone which connects anyone and lightens their eyes to try new things and go all the way with it.

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TUPAC seen in Cuban Mansion!!!

Joe Roberts, TMZ news

Fri April 13, 2011

The notorious gangster rapper from California,

Tupac, was seen by a TMZ’s secret reporter

One night as she was taking quick trip to a neighborhood

Food market.

The famous news on show on celebrities TMZ, were

Contacted by one of their very on secret reporters,

Julian Henderson. She says as she was walking to a food

Market she spotted the supposedly dead “Tupac Shakur”.

“i seen him, I swear! I’m a huge Tupac fan and know everything

There is about him; from his height, weight and even tattoos. When I

Noticed him and screamed his name he seemed as he was in a hurry

And he didn’t want to be notice. This is our guy! This will be everywhere!”

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The historical event that I choose is the holocaust. It’s very despairing learning in class that over 10 million people were killed. It’s so sicken that it makes my stomach turn. How can you kill that large about of innocent people? Even hearing about one person’s death on the news depresses me. I wish I was living and healthy during that time period so I can help make a change. I have a huge heart and I wouldn’t be able to just stand there and watch my people die. I would’ve created a army of my own to fight back against Hitler and the Nazis. I would make a secret meeting and allowed us victims to vote on how to eliminate Hitler and the Nazis slowly but surely. That way it will be those volunteered to help. I assume that I will get several of volunteers which will create a huge help for us. We will first start of on the Nazis strongest leaders and make our way down to create a end to this disaster. I don’t understand how you can kill so many people and not have an inch of heart towards this cruelty. I would risk my life to save all those people. Just think about all of the kids that were kilt. Some might have not even known what was going on. Killed for no reason at all, is the worst crime of them all. Death by anyone is unacceptable. I would have also created a system of transportation to escape from the Nazis concentration camps. At least twice a day I would take as many families as I can.

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In this picture it just shows to you how miserably the men are. All though the picture is black and white, you can feel that this day was in a perception of black and white. They look as in all hope is lost and they fill that there is no reason left to be on earth.

The Greatness of Media Literacy

First of all, it is an honor to be taught by a great teacher such as Mr. Owens. He has a great amount of drive when he teaches us. His strategies are very good and the schoology website is a excellent way to turn in work. schoology helps me stay consistent. I have learned so much in this class. Media literacy has so many meanings. It cannot just be classified as one simple meaning. It reflects on the whole world. It acknowledges more than just language arts as a subject. Most people might believe that all language arts classes just teach you how to read and write and offers a new vocabulary. I must say I myself was one that thought that this class would be similar to the ones from my previous years. I have been taught life lessons. For example... we have learned the importance of personal privately. Before I took this class I never knew that once you put valuable information out on the internet, it’s not yours anymore. It belongs to the public. What that basically means is it’s exposed out to the hold world. It’s no longer something you can secretly. Things such as pictures and thoughts you pay post can change your whole life. Another great experience I’ve had in this class is the power of advertisement. I have learned that all is takes is one 30 second video to influence 30 million people. The super r bowl was one of the most watched events in the world and it’s not really because of the actual game. The commercials that are being displayed catch everyone’s attention. This shows how the world we live in today is formed around technology. The youth is being brainwashed. Kids are staying in watching their favorite shows instead of going outside to play their favorite games. Advertising can create a better world but destroy it at the same time. For example, you can make alcohol beverages look great and tell people to drink responsible but what if someone doesn’t drink responsibly. Who’s to blame? Question like these are what I love because they challenge you and really make you think about everything. It makes you look at the world in a different point of view. This language class is great because it’s more than education; it makes you reflect on your life and your personal values. i don’t believe I have the strength to say anything negative about this class. If I really had to, I would suggest more of hands on type of experiences. Like what if the teacher put us in the sitituation that we learn about? But in all honesty this class was a great experience that I wouldn’t mind teaching. I want the world to have the opportunity to witness the importance and benefits of this class.