November 19th SA Meeting

4:45-6:30pm in the Memorial Room

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We're All Ears!

Have a concern, question, event, or initiative you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast it at our Open Mic session at the start of the meeting or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda

PDF of the Agenda

I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Approval of Meeting Minutes

III. Open Microphone

IV. Announcements and Reports:

  1. New Feedback Platform for voicing feedback to the SA - Savarn Dontamsetti, Amit Mizrahi, Siddant Basnet, Sonia Appasamy, Rachel Kwak
  2. Director of Elections Henderson - Elections Update
  3. LGBTQ+ Representative Titcomb - SAIFC
  4. At-Large Representative Kaufman - Codes and Judicial Committee, Faculty Senate, University Assembly, and Provosts Curriculum Oversight Committee Updates

V. Business of the Day
  1. Byline Packet: Minds Matter
  2. Byline Packet: EARS
  3. Byline Packet: Outdoor Odyssey
  4. Resolution 24: Cost Barriers to Study Abroad
  5. Resolution 25: Bystander Trainings for Student Groups
  6. Resolution 26: Promoting Justice and Friendship in the Housing Lottery

VI. New Business

  1. Resolution 27: Ending Bottled Water Sales on Cornell Campus
  2. Resolution 28: Improving Research Matching for Students and Professors
  3. Resolution 29: Improving Academic Advising
  4. Resolution 30: Indigenous Peoples' Day
  5. Resolution 31: Approving the Election Rules | Attachment: Election Rules
  6. Resolution 32: Addressing the Student Assembly Surplus


When you have an idea, you can make it happen!

Trash Cans ~ Water Fountains ~ Nap Pods ~ Charging Stations ~ Room Renovations ~ Outlets ~ And More!

The purpose of the Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund is to financially support projects and/or initiatives that improve infrastructure or facilities on campus that contribute to the undergraduate experience of Cornell students. It is maintained by Cornell students for Cornell students and will contribute up to $75,000 to various proposed student projects.

Apply here and receive up to $75,000 in funding for your project.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Philip Titcomb at

Events Spotlight

November 19 - Blood Drive

November 20 - Last Spam & Eggs Breakfast

November 20 - Climate Change & Policy Panel

November 20 - Night at the Straight

November 20 - Café con Leche: Day Hall Takeover

November 21 - Cornell Symphony Orchestra Concert

November 21 - Every Holiday Party

November 22 - Turkey Trot in the Plantations