Creating a Welcoming Environment

in the Library Media Center

The Basics:

  • Create attractive displays.
  • Keep the space neat, organized, and clean, but also comfortable.
  • Create a "homey" feeling. Bring in some color!
  • Display student work and always reiterate that it is YOUR library.
  • Keep doors open as much as possible! Keep the library open as much as possible!
  • Balance high expectations for productive work with a relaxed environment.
  • Make eye contact with patrons. Greet everyone with a smile. Build relationships!
  • Let everyone know that it is my job to help them in any way that I can, and that I LOVE my job!
  • Ensure the space is flexible and welcome to different types of groups.

How Do We Get There?

  • The work begins right away! I will add personal touches over the summer and start the year off with a bang.
  • It is also essential to observe staff and student interactions and make decisions accordingly. The Library Media Center is a living place that evolves with the needs of its patrons.
  • Working alongside administration ensures everyone's goals/expectations are being met.