The Millennial Generation

How we should be perceived.

What do other generations see?

Most other generations see the millennials as narcissistic, lazy, and obsessed with social media. According to some poles our generation has tested higher on the narcissism scale than any other generation. We are constantly looking for validation on our looks, our activities, and our behavior. According to some, technology has taken over our lives; it has distanced us from real life. We expect fame and success to fall in our laps. We were taught by our parents that we were special and important so we expect the world to accommodate us to this respect. Well, this poster is to prove these people wrong.
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Millennials: Defined, Explained & Illustrated
The Millennial Rebuttal

Welcome to Our World

Yes, we are self-centered, but we are also self-loving and accepting. Yes we are lazy, but we are also creative, imaginative, and inventive. Yes we love our social media, some of us may be obsessed, but this just gives us a way to connect with other cultures, our friends, and long distance family, and it has also given us access to information that we never had access to before. It has made us aware of the issues that the world has, and what we can do to help or spread the word. Technology gave us the tools to become the most educated generation ever, and this education has given us the tools to change the world. Our entitlement has given us what we need to become more independent; more self-sufficient. Our generation has flaws, just like EVERY OTHER GENERATION EVER, and that is completely fine.
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