Fashion is Instant Language

Create your own style

I love fashion and the different types of styles there are. My big sister is the one who got me into liking fashion. I've loved fashion sense I was a about 6 years old. I love many things about fashion but mostly is that what you wear represent you and it makes people all unique. Every time i shop I fined something new and interesting. I've accomplished and created my own style that I dress myself with. Know that I love fashion I feel more confident of myself wearing whatever makes me feel unique and elegant.

Frida Giannini

I love Frida Giannini, I think shes one of the most fashion designers that I love and respect. Frida Giannini is an Italian fashion designer. She created Gucci, and I love that brand, I think its the most well known brand. She started out by little than she kept going and never gave up even when she faced problems. By never giving up she became famous and and most important.

Some of the Top Jobs Included

Guaranteed to make you unique


  1. What are some challenges that fashion designers face?
  2. What are some classes and majors that wold lead you to become a fashion designer?

Next Steps

I need to research more information about what classes I need to take and also how to keep that interest as a second choice. I can go and ask some fashion designers, about important things and paths I need to take, to lead me to the best future of fashion.