Silverdale News

Week of 11/20

November Happenings

We've had a fun week families! Our students enjoyed the Turkey Trot, the musical performance, Family Game Night, third grade completed the sweep screen for AIG, and fourth graders had their awards ceremony.

Next week is short, we are here Monday and Tuesday only. Please have a fun and safe Thanksgiving break.

New Grading Policy:

In order to create consistency across our school, we have implemented a new grading policy for students. Beginning with the second 9 weeks, students will have the following times to make-up missing assignments before the grade becomes a zero.

Grades 3-5:

Classwork: 3 days

Homework and Projects: 7 days

Missing work from an absence: 3 days

Early Checkouts:

Please help us reduce the number of early checkouts. We’ve had 591 in the first 45 days of school. This is a significant loss in instructional time for students. We know emergencies come up, students get sick, and there are doctor appointments and other times when students need to leave; those checkouts are necessary. Please help us increase instructional time in the classroom by reserving early checkouts for when it’s necessary only. Thank you!

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Make sure and check out our school website!

Important Dates

11/22-11/24 Thanksgiving break

11/27- CiCi's pizza night

11/30- PLT meeting @ 5pm

12/1- Dilly Bars $1

12/1-12/16- 12 Days of Giving at SDE

12/7- Chic-Fil-A Night

12/7- PLT meeting @ 5pm

12/8- Winter Dance

12/11-12/15- Santa Shop (PLT)

12/21-1/2/18- Holiday Break