Silver Trail Elementary

Weekly Rundown --- January 28, 2022

Kindergarten Registration Opens MONDAY!

If you have a child entering kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year, please register HERE.

February is BUSY and full of fun events all month long! There are dress up days, treat days, sucker sales and a dog biscuit fundraiser. Check out the fun below!

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Reading at Home

Reading at home is vital in building children's skills and confidence in reading. Reading at home helps to build fluency, comprehension, word-solving, and a love for reading! It's easy to do! Here's some fun ideas to try at home:

  • Sit next to your child while they read so you can see the words and illustrations.
  • Word-solving: when an error is made, wait to give your child the guidance to allow them to work through it independently.
  • Comprehension: ask questions and invite them to recall information from the story and ask them what they THINK. "What do you think _______ means?", "Why do you think that happened?"
  • Fluency: Model expressive reading and have your child echo you when you read. Encourage just right pacing, not too fast, not too slow. Show them how to pay attention to punctuation (pausing at sentences, adding expression based on punctuation).
  • Have fun! Reading is a great time to bond.
  • Reading to your child is always encouraged too! Tackling a chapter book together can be fun and rewarding.

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