Tierra Caliente

The Tropical Lowlands


Hiking through the rain forest can be tiring, to regain your energy it helps if you eat this areas greatest crop Bananas and Sugar Cane. These crops grow in lowland with little sunlight, but be careful of spiders they like to hide in the bananas.


Loss some layers because unlike in the mountains where it cold, Tierra Caliente is hot and muggy but the settlers here don't let that set them back, they wear less clothing and have 'drafty' homes.


Earn your keep in Tropical Lowlands. Farmers are very busy harvesting bananas (while watching out for spiders biting them), rice, and sugar cane. Since the heat is s high the farmers harvest and then head into their homes.


The Tropical lowlands are less populated than the Andes mountains but they have houses that create a draft of air. The houses are constructed out of bamboo and wood, the roofs are made out of palm thatch roofing.