Downhill skiing!

Tune in for the review of skiing and it's men and women!!!

What is downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing is the sport of skiing down snow-covered hills. The athlete has to ski down the hill in the fastest time while going around marked flags. It was first created in 1861 in Australia.

The goal of the study

My data shows the past Olympics and the performance of the men and women in the downhill skiing event. My data will show the difference between the men and women times and will determine which gender performs better in the event.

Scatter Plot

The square dots represent the female competitors and the plus sign are the male competitors.


The intersection point is very far from the initial start of my data. (1972 Olympics) The lines of regression show that the times for each Olympics average almost the same every year. The average times barely change.


X=186.18 Y=1.91