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Why do businesses end up unsuccessful?

- There's not enough demand for the product or service at a price that will produce a profit for the company. Example: Start- up trying to compete against Best Buy and its economics of scale.

- Out of control growth

- Operational inefficiencies

- Dysfunctional management

- Lack of succession plan

- Declining market

What type of business I would like to go in? Would I still like to own my own business?

- The type of business I would like to have is a small business. A small business just seems better for me. It's most profitable, easy to start-up, manage, and easy to close. Owners get all profits and taxes are only paid on person income. The partnership business I wouldn't want because of things not working out with my partner. The corporation business I wouldn't want because there's little say in running the business.

- I'm not sure that I would like to start my own business. It sounds nice and a huge risk to have my own business, but there is just so much that goes into starting a business. I would have to be extremely dedicated.