Weekly Update!


2014-2015 School Year

It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of school! This year has flown, it seems like just a few, short months ago we were at meet the teacher night!

We have had an amazing classroom family! I could not be more proud of all the hard work and growth each and every student in our classroom has achieved this year! It has been a challenging year, with 40% new math TEKS moving from fourth and fifth grade to third grade, taking the STAAR test for the very first time and acclimating to being a third grader and the demands and increased rigor that entails. Each student rose to these challenges and showed great work ethic, perseverance and success. In other words, they ROCKED third grade, and did it with flying colors! I am so impressed!

Please know that it has truly been an honor and a privilege to work with your child every day and play such an important role in their life. Thank you for the support and encouragement you have given as we have worked together to help each child reach their potential. I know that you are your child’s first and most influential teacher, but I am certainly appreciative of the precious time that I have had with each one of them. It has been an absolute pleasure to see each child blossom this year. They are ready for fourth grade! Every child in our room has such a bright future in front of them! The sky is the limit!


Target has started a really great program offering people the chance to thank a teacher and earn $25 for their school. This could be a really amazing way for Bennett to earn some money to spend on our students since we can earn up to $25,000 for our campus!!! Would you please help us spread the word and earn money for Bennett? (You can thank as many teachers as you want, but each account can earn $25 for one campus). Help us earn money for our awesome students by thanking our amazing teachers!!! You can log on and thank a teacher of your choice. Share a message of thanks for a teacher and Target will give $25 to Bennett!



We have a busy four days left in third grade! In math, we have a daily classroom scavenger hunt planned this week that will have students employing all math skills they have learned this year! It should be a lot of fun for the kids to complete each day. The students will be creating a google doc presentation over the components of ELM, the Engaged Learning Model. Their presentations will be used next year as an introduction to incoming third graders on ELM protocol. The students are so excited to work on their Google Doc presentations!

This Wednesday, is our End of the Year Classroom party from 1:45 - 2:30. Parents are welcome! Students will be outside playing games and should dress comfortably and wear sunscreen.

On Thursday, we will watch the movie The Tales of Despereaux. Students should bring a special snack and drink for the movie. Students will also be able to bring a board game that day to play with a friend.


June 1st: Creed Lunch 11:30am

June 3rd: K-4th Class Parties 1:45 - 2:30

June 4th: Tales of Despereaux Movie (Bring a Special Drink and Snack), Bring a Board Game to School, 2:10 5th Grade Walk, 2:30 Flag Lowering Ceremony