Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

January 29th

Social Studies: Effigy Mounds

We are beginning our Native American Unit in Social Studies. Your child has been learning about effigy mounds and what they mean to Native American culture. Here are some pictures of the effigy mounds we made in class out of clay! They will be sent home for you to admire next week!

Science - Bess Beetles

In our Bess Beetle investigations, we weighed the bess beetles based on paper clips. Once we found out that each bess beetle weighed about one paper clip, then we put a harness around each bess beetle and tried to see how much each bess beetle could pull. We found out that some beetles could pull many times their own weight - Amazing!

Ask your child about their observations of the bess beetles!

Everyday Math

One of the things your child has been working on this week in math is long division. Everyday Math has us learn long division in different ways than (probably) you and (definitely) I was taught. Here are a couple tutorial videos to display how our students are learning long division through Partial Quotients Algorithm.

Partial Quotients Algorithm Tutorial Video

Partial Quotients Algorithm Tutorial Video

February Conferences

I wanted to let you know that your fourth grader has been working very hard on a Google Slide Presentation to present to you during that time that is based off the work they have done this past quarter. If it is at all possible, please make sure that your child would be available during the conference time to join us.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Need a reminder of your conference time? Here's a copy of my February Conference Schedule.

Science Fair Projects

Over break your child completed their science fair draft detailing what their project will be about. The final project is due on Thursday, February 4th. Make sure you pace out the work for this project appropriately. This date will come up quickly!

Check out this page in our Classroom Website if you have any questions:

Field Trip

On Friday, February 12th your student has the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Veteran's Museum and the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Veteran's Museum tour will focus on the Civil War and add onto the knowledge the students already have on this topic. After lunch, students will be taken on a guided tour of the State Capitol. The cost of this field trip is $4 per student and $4 per chaperone. The field trip slips are due back to school on Monday, February 1st.

If you need another field trip slip please contact me.


Keep up the great work with filling out your 20/20 Reading Calendars and reading every night!

Important Dates to Remember

February 1st - Field Trip Slips Due

February 4th - Parent Teacher Conferences

February 9th - Parent Teacher Conferences

February 11th - Talent Show

February 12th - Field Trip to Veteran's Museum & State Capitol