Providing Top In-Home & Community Based Care to the Disabled


The Sower Foundation, Inc., provides cohabitation in our Foster Group Homes for adults 18 years and older. We operate and provide care in facilities located in the Atascocita, Humble and Kingwood areas in North Harris County. If you or your loved one can no longer live independently as a result of a disability, our caring staff and assistants are eager to have you as a housemate. We can prepare meals for you, assist you with daily living activities, provide you with personal care, and even arrange or transport you to medical or approved personal appointments. We want to help YOU take the limitations out of your life!


If you or your loved one are disabled, are home during the day alone and looking to socialize with others during general work hours, until your caretaker returns home. The Sower Foundation is strategically located in the Huffman, Texas area to help build a better community. We realize that with time, many great people from this great community have experienced unexpected life situations or even circle of life challenges, resulting in temporary or permanent disabilities. But no matter how you or your loved one arrived at this intellectual or developmental stage of disability, we would like to help you display a better you in your community.

The Sower offers fun and educational activities designed with you in mind. While you're here with us we can assist you with taking your medications, help you access, retain and improve your self-help, your social and adaptive skills. This allows you to take better charge and successfully live your community and be apart of home and community life. So take advantage and call The Sower Foundation, Inc, today!


If you or your child is younger than 21 years and has physical, cognitive, or behavioral limitations related to disability, or a chronic health condition that inhibits his or her ability to accomplish activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), The Sower Foundation, Inc. is geared up to help you. We offer parents and guardians of qualified children an opportunity to "do some of the other things that you need to do in life," when you're faced with taking care of a disabled child. We realize that sometimes all you need is a little help to be encouraged to care for your other kids or even get through your workday. Our Personal Care Service (PCS) Teams are skilled and can help with providing your child with their Personal care needs. Call us today for eligibility. We are happy to be th Servie for you!

Here's how you contact us.

If we've displayed any service that may be of interest to you, please contact us so that we can discuss these services in details as well as screen you or your loved one for eligibility.