We Want to Buy Your Home

We don't list it, we BUY it!

No Fees, No Charges, No Commissions and NO HASSLES!

We specialize in helping people who need to sell their home quickly. We handle all the paperwork and there is never a commission or processing fee involved. There aren't even any closing costs. If we purchase your property we will pay for all the expenses involved in the selling process.

Stop putting up with all the problems associated with selling your home and let us buy it from you today.

We can go from phone call to closing in as little as 2 weeks!

Little or No Equity

The recent housing market has left a lot of us with little or no equity in our homes. Realtor's don't even want to help because they don't think your house can sell for enough to pay their commission! Many will even refuse to list your home.

We can work with you to get you home sold quickly without having to raise the price just to pay the commissions and closing costs.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

At LMI Properties we provide services to homeowners who can't sell their home in a conventional way. Maybe you need to get out of the property quickly and don't have the time for the normal Realtor listing that may take 6 months, or maybe the current economy has created a situation where you have little to no equity in your home. This is where we come in. We can provide alternatives that allow us to buy your home and solve your problems while still giving you a fair deal.

You have nothing to lose - give us a call today or if you feel more comfortable, you can fill out our online Fast Response Form.