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May Menus

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EMS Schoology Course

Enter the code below to access Mrs. Sherrie Holloway's Schoology Course for EMS.

This course includes information on school events, lunch menus, schedules, etc.


PowerSchool Student Login

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Virtual Learning (At Home) Student Handbook

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Virtual Learning (at EMS) Student Handbook

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Daily Read Aloud

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Zoom Meetings

Reminder that EMS teachers will be practicing ZOOM with students on Wednesday, Sept 9, following their school schedule for classes. You can access the link for ZOOM via email from the teacher, which you should receive by Tuesday evening.

Zoom Tips for Students

1. Students need to authenticate their accounts by going to rcps-net.zoom.us BEFORE clicking on the Zoom link for their first class. Here is a quick video you can put in your Schoology course to help students with this process. (Please note that if a student does not successfully authenticate, s/he will not necessarily be pushed by Zoom to authenticate. They’ll just get an error message, so they’ll need to go back through the authentication process.)

2. Here are some instructions from the Zoom landing page that you can share with students regarding Zoom functionality on the Chromebooks. (Note that the landing page itself is designed for teachers, not students.)

3. If a student has trouble logging into Zoom the first time, here is a document that can help the student with logging in.

4. If a student has trouble with their Chromebook, the first thing for them to do is remove the user (using the dropdown arrow to the right of the student's name on the login screen), restart the Chromebook, and then add the user back. Students have some helpful information on the RCPS homepage. Here are some troubleshooting tips from the website, and here is a Google form to use from the website if the student needs more technical help.

5. This video for parents is available and can be linked from your Schoology course. It has a lot of good information about where they can get help, and the information about Zoom is at 4:18 on the video.