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Principal's Note

Loachapoka Families,

Parent Input Is Key to our School Improvement

Through parent input, we can:

  • Incorporate the expectations that parents have of their school into school improvement planning
  • Understand the needs of students from the parents' perspectives
  • Solicit parent expertise in problem-solving
  • Focus contributions of time from volunteers to support goals/objectives
  • Collaborate with parent organizations (e.g. PTA) so their efforts can support the goals/objectives of the school



Participate in the school improvement planning (SIP) process by attending meetings and being an active and constructive voice as the SIP is developed. Parents can also participate in other school functions such as going to Back to School nights, Breakfast with Buddies, Student Led Conferences, PAC, giving feedback to teachers, asking questions at school, etc.


Contribute opinions, comments and feedback. We look to parents for ways to improve. Be sure to complete surveys as they are provided to you.

Be informed

Be informed and on the lookout for:

• information regarding initiatives in school newsletters or on the school website

• meetings in which you can learn about the school initiatives

• your child's data notebook or folder during student led conferences; provide time for your child to share the contents of the agenda or take home folder.

Be patient

Be patient as the school learns this new process for school improvement. Remember that we are focusing on continuous improvement. Learn about the successes and "lessons learned" in the spirit of continuous improvement.

We have SO much to be proud of in our school community! The pride our students and staff have for our wonderful school is so evident! I know that this pride extends to each of our families as well, and I also realize that it is the work of our entire school community working together, which makes Loachapoka such an incredible place for learning. Our school Twitter hashtag is #POKAPRIDE.

Thank you to ALL of our Loachapoka families and community partners for all that you do to support our students, staff, and school! We are proud to partner with each of YOU!

Believe it or not, it is time for us to begin making plans for next year and our first effort is to start planning for student enrollment in 2020-2021!

ALL PARENTS OF CURRENT KINDERGARTEN-6th GRADE STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THE ENROLLMENT FORM BY FRIDAY, MAY 8TH to let us know if your child will be returning to Loachapoka next year. If you have an incoming Kindergarten student, there is a place on the form for you to share that information with us!

Please note the following:

· If your child currently attends Loachapoka through the District approved affidavit, you MUST reapply for another affidavit for the 2020-2021 school year. It is requested that the parent affidavit and supporting documents be submitted in person by May 22, 2020. A delay in this process could cause your child to be withdrawn at the close of the present school year or an interruption from receiving your child’s placement letter for the following year.

· Should your family no longer require a Parent Residency Affidavit, please complete the residency requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Natasha Foster; Principal

Carmen Anderson; Assistant Principal

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February is BUSY for Loachapoka Elementary School's Counseling Department.

Guidance Topics for the month of February are: Peer Pressure, sharing knowledge, Decision making skills, Tech Safety

Character of the Month Celebration: February 10, 2020 during lunch waves

In February, Random Acts of Kindness(RAK) Week is celebrated. Loachapoka Elementary School will be celebrating, February 17-21, 2020. Stay tuned for specific details.

National School Counseling Appreciation Week is February 3-7, 2020. I am happy to serve as the School Counselor for Loachapoka Elementary School. Seeing the faces of my wonderful students and families each day is the highlight of my day.

Our annual Career Day will take place on February 21, 2020 from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. Please let me know if you'd like to share your career with our students.

Breakfast with Buddies will be held on: TBA

February is American Heart Month. In order to take care of your heart it is good to be STRESS free and full of LOVE. Here are 10 ways to avoid stress:

  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Change how you view things
  • Practice positive thinking
  • Express your feelings
  • Practice good time management
  • Keep your sense of humor
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Build valued relationships
  • Stop expecting people to live by your rules

Love is a healer. We live in a world where negativity appears to be the "in thing". It's time that we change that so that our children can see the healing power of love. Love starts at home. If we express more love at home it will spill over into our schools. Here are some ways to express love at home:

  • Leave love notes to your children
  • Give your children hugs and cuddles
  • Give your kids your undivided attention
  • Do something special with your children
  • Do something special for your children
  • Speak lovingly to your children
  • Be deliberate and intentional

I am hoping that these few helpful tips will begin your journey to a STRESS free and LOVING life. I look forward to hearing your stories. As always, I’m a phone call or email away. Check out the guidance tab on the school’s website.

Teneshia Sanford

Loachapoka Elementary School Counselor



Title I

How to Talk to Kids About Death

Discussing death with your kids can be a real concern and many tend to avoid it. Death is however an inevitable part of life and it is our responsibility to ensure our kids are aware of it and know it’s okay to discuss it.

If we allow children to talk to us about death, we can give them needed information, prepare them for a crisis, and help them when they are upset. We can encourage their communication by showing attention and respect for what they have to say. We can also make it easier for them to talk to us if we are open, honest, and at ease with our own feelings.

It is important to remember however that all children develop at different rates and that children experience life uniquely. They have their own personal ways of handling and expressing emotions.

It is not uncommon for a three year old to ask questions about death, for a child to be openly unconcerned about the death of a grandparent yet devastated over the death of a pet. Some children show their understanding of death through playing with their toys.

It is important to explain death in simple terms for young children. For example, when someone dies they don’t breathe, or eat, or feel hungry or cold and you won’t be able to see them again.

No matter how children cope with death or express their feelings, they need sensitive and nonjudgmental responses from adults. Careful listening and observing are important ways to learn how to respond appropriately to a child’s needs.

Tanulyn McKinley; Title 1 Teacher

Character of the Month Recipients

AriYanna Neal

Christian Burton

Amillieon Canada

Trevon Lewis

Neri Anguiano

Estefany Rodriguez

Jasia Askew

Delilah Hill

Kyler Clark

Landon Hunt

Emani Chambliss

Skylar Hunt

Destiny Aikens

Travis Andrews

Natalie King

February Character Words: 1.Courage, 2. Patriotism, 3. Loyalty, 4. Honor, 5. Sportsmanship

Empowering English Language Learners

Instructional Strategy of the Month

Comprehensible Input

Providing ELLs with alternative ways of accessing key content (e.g., charts, pictures, videos with subtitles, books written in their first language, simplified text written by the teacher, discussion, etc.) allows them to learn the same material as other students as they continue to develop their English language skills.

Angel Fowler; EL Teacher

Library Media

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Upcoming Events

  • Jan 27th – Feb 7th - Candy gram Fundraiser
  • Feb – 3-7 – School Counselor Week
  • Feb 13th - Black History Program
  • Feb 17th – No School for students
  • Feb 17th -23rd – Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • Feb 21st – Career Day
  • Family Masquerade Extravaganza- First week of March. 5:00pm-7:00pm. Refreshments will be served - Mardi Gras theme foods such as Moon Pies and fruit punch, Games/Prizes and a Photo Booth