Senior Selfies

By: Eduardo B

Photo #1

This picture shows when ever there a was a school event. I wasn't much in spirit during those times or I didn't feel like the event was that interesting. Having my friends there at least makes it fun and its good to try something new like homecoming, football games, and others.

Photo #2

This photo shows even through my personal life I have people who I can rely on and enjoy outside of school. This is one of many moments I had fun with my friends doing crazy stuff but we still had our laughs and I still know them to this day

Photo #3

During my 4 years of high school there was some difficult work that sometimes i couldnt even figure out. Thanks to my friends I am able to understand and complete my work as I would do the same for them because now that its close to graduation I wouldnt have gotten this far without my friends.

Photo #4

This may seem just a normal blank picture but its supposed to be of the hallways because since the end of school year is near. Each different areas of the school has different memories and even i can remember what had happened at the time and i just smile. No matter if its good or bad it helped me become the person I am now and once I leave my memories will still be there.