Polar Rollout

Coming Soon to the App Store! (iPhone & iPad)

Draw Your Path & Defy Gravity

Ready for some super-powered, ice-sliding, fish-busting action? Choose your favorite Roller and unleash special powers against your fishy foes in this line-drawing physics puzzler. You create the path, your character follows. Magical worlds and never-before-seen adventures await you!
Angry Birds Stella - Animated Series Teaser!
Press Kit

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  • Explore 120 levels across 6 unique worlds

  • Collect new playable characters

  • Unleash unique superpowers

  • Wildly fun line-drawing, physics-based gameplay

  • Bonus elements (cannons, teleportation, zero-gravity sky adventures, and more!)

  • Brilliantly original and interactive puzzles

  • Colorful graphics and animation

  • Stunning music and sound effects

  • Challenge your friends with GameCenter Leaderboards and Achievements

  • Fun for all ages!


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