The Lorax

What happen to The Lorax


The lorax was an animal that talked for the trees.The place was all beautiful with the trees,and animal,fish was there. Once the Once’ler like the trees he was taking the fur.He unloaded his car,and build a shop.He start chopping the trees,The lorax had got mad.The Once’ler was knitting the fur off trees.He made sweaters ,thneed,sock,hats.People came coming buy thneeds.He chopped down more trees,he gave people directions to the shop.He invited his family to help him to make money.He build a ax chopper to cut the trees more.Building more factories,houses causing air pollution.They dump trash in the swamp with the fish.The animals left not enough food for them to eat.There was one lat tree left.His family left no one was there but him and The Lorax.The Lorax,left The One’ler gave the boy the last tree seed..

The Ending

Vanish Land

The ending was when nobody came back but the aliens took over that place.They seen the seed thought it was interesting.The had a good time with it invented thing, got thing back to normal but how they wanted it.They made it look nice.nobody ever seen that place but them.After the seed had planted,and bloomed They had on paper what they wanted to do with the land.With the tree they had did experience with it.When they landed here they had all kinds of guns,machines. They realized what they was missing out on out plain nature with the seed that growed.They lived happily ever after.