The Oklahoma Herald

'Delinquent' Youths Turn Heroes After Daring Fire Rescue

TULSA- Six youngsters are alive today thanks to three young men who leaped into a burning abandoned rural church near Windrixville yesterday afternoon, grabbing the children from the burning building and saving them. They, unfortunately, are injured and are currently in the hospital, with Ponyboy and Dallas suffering minor injuries. However, Johnny is currently in the hospital with a broken back and serious burns.

Background Of The Youths

AIDA-Ponyboy Curtis is the youngest brother of the Curtis family; his brothers are Sodapop and Darrel Curtis. They are part of the 'Greaser' gang, with seven members; Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darrel "Darry," Dallas "Dally," Keith "Two-Bit," Steve, and Johnny. Usually, they are like criminals; they cause trouble around the neighborhood, stealing, rolling drunks, taking little kids, and robbing. However, we do not know why these three have decided to do something good and save the lives of strangers. Perhaps they believed they had done too much and wanted to help, or something else.

What Now?

Unfortunately, even though they had saved the lives of many innocent children, they were originally hiding from the "fuzz" (we assume they mean police) because Johnny had murdered a "Soc" named Robert Sheldon. They will go to juvenile court, and possibly be put into a boy's home. We hope they will not do that to these children who just saved a lot of strangers.
We hope that these innocent children shall not be put into boy's homes, as they are very sweet boys. For heaven's sake, they were putting their lives at stake to save absolute strangers. We believe they should be allowed to live the way they are living right now.