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Mrs. Greenfield's Math 8

Math 8

A busy week

Dear parents, grandparents, and guardians,

We have been working on reflection and rotation this week.

You may ask "what do they need to learn all that for?"

Well, if you ever use a mirror then you've done a type of transformation called "Reflection". Or have you ever seen the most breath-taking image of the beautiful trees, and blue sky with various shapes of clouds being reflected on a crystal clear lake? That is in fact a mathematical transformation and it is "reflection".

If you ever turn the door knob, or turn on the oven/microwave/or stove...you've just practiced some Rotation.

How COOL is that when your child get to learn and know how the reflection and rotation being done?...If they know the position of the original image, they will also be able to CREATE the new reflected or rotated images.

The fun list could go on, because it is so amazing to see how things around us work and being created.

On a more serious note: This Wednesday we will have a test over the contents that we have covered during these 2 weeks which are: congruent, similar, translation, reflection, and rotation. Please remind your students to study their notes, handout and/or access my website to review homework, and lesson. Don't forget to check on my Classjump website for daily Homework, and useful links to review the contents from home.

Thank you for all your communications and supports!

Tracy Greenfield

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." (B.B. King)

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