One Handed Catch

By MJ Auch


It is the 4th of July 1945 and World War II has just ended. There is no more food rationing. The local grocery is packed; Norman, the owners son is helping in the meat department. That's when the accident happens and he winds up losing his hand. Norman is told about a hook that was invented for soldiers who lost their hand in the war. For the next week this is on his mind until his doctor shows him an article about a one handed Major League Baseball player. School started and his mom continues to expect him to do well with chores, band, and homework. Will his dreams of becoming and baseball player or artist come true? Or will his accident overwhelm him for life? Read the book One Handed Catch to find out.


The U.S.A rationed food during WW2. The idea was to provide less to common people in order to provide more for the soldiers. Everyone rich or poor had to use the rationing system to get food. After the rationing system was over people were flocking to the stores to get more food so they could eat until they were full.


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How they relate

In the book rationing has just ended. People are flocking to the store to get food for their 4th of July celebrations. This is the scene that the authors starts the book. It also mentions it from time to time thru-out the book. In one occasion Norman's friend's grandma said that she had to save up on sugar coupons(also known as rations) for two months so that her grandson could have a cake for his birthday.


I think that the theme of the book was to no matter what to never give up on your dreams. In the book Norman nearly gave up on his dreams. But after a while he started to believe in them again and that is why I think that it is the theme of the book.