Golden "Cyber" Rule

"You wouldn't want this to happen to you"


Cyberbullying is using electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. You may give into peer pressure and start to join others in cyberbullying someone who is viewed as uncool or unpopular in the class. It is not a nice thing to do. It very important to respect one another. How would you feel if you were subjected to cyber bullying?


Are you allowed to talk on your smartphones during lunch or before and after school hours? Well, you may be tempted to turn your ringer on loud during these times so you can hear incoming calls and text messages. However, you should always keep your phones on silent while at school. This shows respect to everyone else in the room.


Smartphones make it easy to access the Internet, which means you may quickly search for answers to questions on a quiz or a test. Searching for an answer online is the same as peeking at your neighbor’s test—it’s cheating and that's not fair to others students or to you.


Your school certainly has general rules that must be followed in regards to smartphone use on school grounds and in the classroom. Some of your teachers may not be as strict as some of your other teachers. But in any instance, all rules should be followed when it comes to electronics use at school. It's always a great idea to be respectful to classroom rules.