Max Weber

By Abby Roxby


  • Known for Protestant Ethic/ Protestant to capitalism
  • Family became wealthy in German linen industry
  • Father and mother were a big impact on his life
  • We we left home to enroll at the University of Heidelberg in 1882
  • Two years of study then into the military for on year at Strassbourg
  • Being away brought him closer to his family
  • Father wanted him to finish his studies at University of Berlin
  • 1884 until marriage in 1993, lived at home; only left for a semester
  • 1893 got a temporary job in jurisprudence
  • Married his second cousin, Marianne Schnitger
  • Became full professor in political economy
  • High point of career; Inaugural Address 1895
  • 1903 resume scholarly work after death of his father
  • In Weber's power-politics, he observed that is was "the reverberation of a position of world power that exposed English citizens to 'chronic' political schooling." Which made things like the empire-building and liberal democracy.

Interesting Facts

  1. known as principal architect of modern social science
  2. Developed concept of bureaucracy
  3. Two most celebrated contributions: rationalization thesis & Protestant Ethic thesis
  4. Gave up his teaching when father died and did not pick it back up till years later
  5. 1909, co-founded Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Soziologie (German Sociological Association)
  6. High point in career, his inaugural address at Freiburg
  7. Weber published The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  8. Had restricted audience for a lot of his published work
  9. Major impact was not until he died
  10. Helped create literature associated with sociology of religion