Heading into 2014....

The magic of friendship for our beloved boys

Getting back into the swing of things for 2014

School is starting- remind them their school, tutoring and daily routines...

The transition into school will be much easier if everyone starts on their wakeup schedule at least by Friday. They may say they do not like this, but you can sweeten the pot and you will be doing them a favor, by waking them up and offering a nice cooked breakfast to the ones who get up early. The first ones up and dressed over the next few days should be praised, as should the first ones to go to bed.

Remember, after school program starts up right along with school, too. Remember, too, we have to give more attention to kids with lower than B averages, meaning these are the kids who will need to get back into tutorial.

Level evaluations

Kids are getting better about being prepared with packets. They usually come to groups with two signatures, and we try to expect five. Role modeling willingness by offering to sign their packets even before they ask will really help out.

In loving thanks to the staff who kept the home fires burning warm and bright for our boys.

To those staff who were here every moment of the Holidays (you know who you are and so do we).... Thank you for keeping a soft heart for the Circle of Friends' kids through the holidays which can be accompanied by anger when away from family. I especially want to reach out and thank those of you who parent these kids with their hearts fully turned on. You bless them every day with honest and caring, and your role modeling matters and makes a difference.

Role modeling

Yep! You read it. Be a better example every day by living a healthy wholesome life which guides others to do the same. We are raising workers, fathers and husbands. Make every moment matter.