The Ririe Report


This Week...

Math: We will begin our unit on order of operation, this include algebraic concepts. As always, students will benefit from fluency in all math facts, especially multiplication and division.

Science: We are starting our earth science unit (yay!) and will start by talking about how external forces, water, ice and wind, affect the shape of the surface of our earth.

Homework: Fractions (note: I had a total of 6 students turn in homework last week. I do not grade homework and students are not penalized for not having homework, but I do note who turned it in. If you would like to know if your child did their homework, just e-mail me and I'll let you know.)


Our fifth grade will be hosting a fundraiser January 31-February 3 in order to raise money for our trip to Biztown this year.

The fifth graders who wish participate will be selling their gently used items in the cafeteria (during breakfast). Items will be reasonably priced by the sellers and all monies will be donated to fund the cost of our field trip.

Hard Work

Even though last week was my first week back there was no slowing down and I was very proud of how hard the kids worked . As an educator, I not only teach content, I also feel a responsibility to teach my students how to learn. Executive function is an important part of students becoming successful learners. One of the things I've started doing is introducing the work stations for the week and allowing students to choose which one they are going to work on on a specific day. I encourage them to start with the one that will take the most time and end with the easier one; I'm a believer in doing the hard things first and getting them out of the way (it avoids stress). Having a choice also requires them to budget their time.

Last week I also implemented a problem solving journal which you will be able to look at during Open House in March.

Boosterthon Fun Run

Thank you to all the parents who pledged, the kids had a fun time running for this event. Our team name was FERIRIE - because we are fast and good looking (get it?). I love the shots of my students proudly running with our flag.

Visit to Kingwood Middle School

Our fifth graders are going to be visiting Kingwood Middle School on Thursday. They will get to see the campus and get information on the different clubs and electives, specifically drama, orchestra and band. KMS counselors will be visiting our campus soon to give students more information about electives.