3rd 6weeks ELA

Cailin Nelson


Brainstorming is your before process. You start with what you want to write or talk about and how your going to present it.

Some people use webs like in the picture aside.

Some just write it out and process later.

Revising & Editing

Revising and editing is like brainstorming. It's your before process, helping you with the wording and how it sounds if it looks right and if you like how it is going. That is just the revising part. Editing is when you read over it and you notice what is misspelled or doesn't make any sense. You do revising and editing so you don't mess up. That's why people revise and edit because they don't want to make a fool of themselves.

How does the setting effect the plot?

The plot (introduction,rising action,climax, falling action, conflict, and resolution) needs a setting or the reader wont understand. The setting is where/place and time. When i say time i don't mean 7:44 AM I mean past present and future. If you didn't have the time then in a mystery there is a burglar and she goes downstairs to get to her telephone and your just thinking she has an amazing house and lots of $$$$$ why doesn't she not have a cellphone???? Or if you don't know where they are your gonna assume they are here or here but they are really at the airport. So the setting matters because if you don't have the setting you wont know what is going on.

Point of View

Point of view refers to who is telling the story, 1st person, 3rd person. There is 1st person and 3rd person. 1st person means a person is telling the story only that person knows what is happening from that persons point (how they see things) this is why you get all excited in mysteries you know what is going on around the main character and others in the story but the main character only knows whats he/she knows which could possibly start a conflict :-). There is three types of 3rd person. 3rd objective is facts of narrative seeming neutral, impersonal observer. 3rd omniscient knowing everything that goes on in the story, usually a narrator tells a 3rd person omniscient story. Omniscient also knows all the characters actions, thoughts and facts about them that others in the story might not know. 3rd Limited is kinda like 1st person the author reports facts, actions and thoughts of a single person in the story.

Plot Importance's

The plot line is introduction, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. The importance of each one is to brainstorm, revise and edit. The importance of a plot is so you know how the story is going to work out. The introduction is the meeting of each character and the time and place (setting). Conflict is the problem in the story. Rising action is leading to the most exciting part of the story. Climax is the most EXCITING part of the story. Falling action is when everything is going back to normal, settling from the climax. Resolution is the solving of the conflict the ending. So with out the plot you don't have a story.