Bob Marley

by: Marques White

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Bob Marley's legacy

Bob Marley always tried to live for others and not for himself that is why he is one of the best music writers.His quote is "Live for yourself and you will live in vain, live for others and you will live again. He also like to talk about the past, as in one of his song,"Buffalo Soldiers." He was saying how they raised up from nothing then fought for our freedom, they were never scared of anything. His childhood was bad for him because, he nick-name growing up was "White boy." He was bullied a lot by the neighbors Bob Marley life was full of twist and turns.

Thoughts on Bob Marley

Most people think of Bob Marley as a person that just got high and wrote songs, but thats not all right. He was a person that didn't care what others thought. Most of his childhood he was moving from house to house. People need to put there self in his shoes. I mean he did have a good life as he grew up ,and got older. His are sooo inspiring to some people actaully. He mostly wanted freedom for his family, and friends: also his home country Jamaica..