Tigers are the Best

The tiger is the best choice for you.

I know that you don't know what to decide, the lady or the tiger, but I can help. The tiger is the best choice because you will be jealous, the man wouldn't love her, and the tiger might starve. Even though you may think that doing this will cause a lot of harm to others, it will cause way more harm to you.

Jealousy is painful

If you allow him to pick the lady then you will be jealous of the woman. You know who the woman is, and she will love him very much. You will be in sorrow because of how jealous you are. Even though you may think that this will help the lady, but it is causing more pain to you.

Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ktoine/8022732338

Food is Wonderful

You may think that it is horrible to let your lover die, but it won't cause any pain for you and it will help out the tiger a great deal. The tiger will get food and it would let the tiger live for longer. You don't want the tiger to starve do you?

Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8070463@N03/2390411132/meta

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Not Enough Love

The man would not love his wife, even though he might like her somewhat. You don't want him to have pain for the rest of his life. He will only be in pain for a quick moment if you pick the tiger. You will also be suffering for the rest of your life if you see him with her.

Picture: http://chocob3rry.deviantart.com/art/no-love-without-any-pain-120002430

You need to pick the tiger for these many different reasons. You will be very jealous, have a starved tiger, and have your lover suffer. Pick the tiger or else these horrible things will happen and bring more burden on your soul.