Taiga Biome

By: Isaac Castillo & Junior Rondon

About the Taiga Biome

It's in the northern region of the hemisphere (the largest biome) which means that it's extremely cold most of the year. It's really hard to live in the Taiga biome because it's usually below 0 degrees during the winter. Plant life is very minimal in this area because of the weather. There is only a winter season and a summer season, the summer seasons lasts about 3 months and within these 3 months plant life blossoms at an amazing rate.
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Abiotic Factors

The weather ranges from -65 degrees F to 70 degrees F. The winter being the lowest of -65 degrees, it usually lasts about 6-9 months. While the summer last for 3 months and temperatures go up to the 70's. There is sunlight for only 3 hours during the winter while in the summer the sun will be up longer.



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