PWC Dog Park Bark Out Loud!

Dog park updates.

Our wonderful dog park is now open!

If you have not visited the new Prince William County dog park on Minniville Road, then you and your furkid are missing out on an awesome experience.

Room to romp and play, great for improving canine socialization and super dog peeps to talk to.

Please remember to bring water for your dogs. There are dog bowls in the park but no water spigots.

Everyone has been amazing about picking up the poop.

It has been bought to our attention that there are some small glass shards in the dirt. If you see a piece please pick it up to save a pups paw. This is a new park and upon inspection of the ground, the glass is very small and old but still could get stuck in a paw pad.

Thanks so much.

2nd Annual Dogs Walk for a Dog Park - April 21 Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 11:00am