Independent Study

Photography& Photoshop

Basic Steps

1. Composition

2. Lighting

3. Post Production- Tweeking

Important Advice

1. Build a Rapport With the Subject

2. Go Telephoto

3. Go Wide

4. Be Different – Try a Fast 50mm Lens

5. Shoot in Black and White

6. Learn All About Light

7. Flash

8. Learn Your Camera Settings

9. Get Creative

10. Study the Masters

My Photos



1. Position your back to the sun

2. Use flash if you want a more flattering outcome

3. Always use flash in the shade

Why was this topic chosen and why is it important to study?

I chose this topic because I wanted to learn how to take and create professional pictures. This is important to study so later on, you can have a fun hobby and also photography can be something you might major in.