animals and crops


the min. wage is 100k per year


you can go to a 2 year college or you can go to a technical training. You can go to a 4 year college or a university.
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Most farmers have pigs. To be brought to be slaughtered. The reason they are is because we have to have meat.Such as bacon and pork chops.
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Lots of farmers also have cows to be brought to be slaughtered too. Some farmers can have dairy cows. They don't kill the cows they use them for the milk. Those are dairy cows. We use cows in many ways these are just some of the reasons.

Farming crops

If you have animals you need something to feed them with so farmers most likely have some kind of crop. It is most likely corn. They use corn more than anything so why not have have corn you will save money. Also they can have wheat or soybeans.