The Wildcat Report

The Newsletter of Marcellus Elementary - April 2020

Update from the Office

As I sit here and think about what messages I need to get out to you, as parents/guardians of our students, I can only think of how thankful I am for this community and how supportive you have been as you have been tossed into the roll of full-time teacher. This is not something you asked for, yet you are handling it with grace.

Our district is in process of updating our continuation of learning plan for the remainder of the school year. We will communicate with families in multiple ways:

  • District Website (COVID 19 Tab)
  • Marcellus Community Schools Facebook page
  • Marcellus Ekementary Facebook page
  • Written correspondence
  • Emails
  • Marcellus News

We have had some members of the community contact us to ask about getting their child's belongings from the building. We are working on a plan for packing up each student's items. There are over 350 students in the building, so this will take a bit of planning for us to get organized so families can pick up items, while maintaining the social distancing guidelines from the governor.

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Kindergarten Round-Up has been postponed due to the mandated closure of all schools in the state of Michigan. We will post information on how to sign-up your child for Preschool, Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten has soon as new dates are set. Thank you for your understanding, we can not wait to register our newest Wildcats!

Top 10 List

You may be thinking, wow, teaching at home takes so little time, what do they do all day at school? Trust me, when there are 20 plus students in a classroom, things take time. At home learning will go quicker, don’t overthink things and make it harder than it needs to be.

I recently have seen many lists of tips for parent teachers and took some of the ideas and made my own list for you.

  1. Take it easy on yourself - for some, jumping into the role of teacher is easy, for others, it is a challenge. Look for guidance from the school and we will work together to continue your child's education. We can do it together, you are not alone!
  2. Let them get bored - You do not have to entertain your child all day. If they get bored, they may use their imagination to come up with new activities to pass the time
  3. Lean into reading - Reading is one of the most important activities our students can do! Whether it is reading to themselves. having a parent/sibling read to them or finding videos of celebrities reading books. Encourage your child to dive into some good books!
  4. Its okay for you to struggle with math - Unless you are an engineer or have a job where you apply mathematics, math is not everyone's "cup of tea". Math instruction has changed since we went to school, but their are many online resources for helping parents get through it. Once resource that is available is Kahn Academy - they offer free math lessons. Don't stress - you can do this!
  5. Don't forget to teach home economics - Teach your child to bake, to do the laundry and to clean the bathroom. These are also valuable lessons that we don't get to teach at school. These are important life skills all children need!
  6. Give them choices - Allow your child to have choices on how the daily schedule looks. Maybe on day 1, you start with math and on day 2, you end your day with math. One of the bonuses of being home and learning together is that you can create flexibility in your schedule.
  7. Be intentional with screen time - If you child is on a computer doing school work, designate a spot for them to work that is separate from where they may be using a device for leisure.
  8. Go old school - Encourage your child to do some work that does not include electronic devices. Have them get dirty!! Maybe it's an art project, maybe it's baking cookies, maybe it means going outside and building a fort. Let them experience learning in a way that is non-traditional to them!
  9. Model self-care - If this time is stressful for you, it is okay to express it to your child. They learn from you and how you handle stressful situations. An example might be explaining to your child like this, "I am stressed right now, so in order to relieve my stress I am going to go for a walk."
  10. Let kids express their feelings - This is new to all of us. I would be amiss if I didn't express how sad I have been not having a school full of students and staff. Our children have feelings and they need to have the opportunity to share how they feel. Allowing them to express their feelings and your acknowledgement of their feelings are important for their social emotional growth during this time.

Spelling Bee Team

Marcellus Elementary took spellers from grades 4th - 6th grade to compete at the Spelling Bee at Southwestern Michigan College. Although we did not win as a team or advance individual spellers, we are proud of our students and how they represented our school at the spelling bee!

Thanks to Ms. Markovich for coaching the team and for Mrs. Whitten for attending the competition with our teams.

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