Massachusetts 54th Exhibit

A look at the Massachusetts 54th All African- American unit

Who were the Massachusetts 54th

The Massachusetts 54th was the African- American regiment created in the North during the Civil War. They were commanded by the Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Most were African men who were freed slaves.

Training of the Massachusetts 54th

When arriving at training camp, they took everything with them. They were going barefoot and taking trains. The trainer was strict about how they matched or even did anything. They had harsh practices with the Bayonet training.

Facing Discrimination

All the Africans were discriminated against. They got treated more poorly than the American people did. They got whipped really bad.

Their Arrival in South Carolina

The arrival in South Carolina was somewhere they knew they had memories at. Some even came back to see families.

Their 1st Assignment in South Carolina

The first assignment was for them to get supplies, and the false assignment was the only people there and shooting house. They got supplies before they burn the town with torches.

No Fighting just Manual Labor for the Massachusetts 54th

The volunteers dug graves and bathrooms. The end he got his men to fight and the "headmasters" of area knows that Shaw has stuff against him.

Their 1st Battle Assignment on James Island

They started this battle with hand weapons. Thomas was injured by being shot, and this whole thing was a big mess!

The Massachusetts 54th Volunteers for the Attack on Fort Wagner

Most of these volunteers will die. Colonel said to his volunteers and said there would be money casualties and Shaw said that they would be ready even though they haven't slept in three days

The Attack on Fort Wagner

This was a very violent attack. A lot of bombs were going off, but they wouldn't back down. They kept charging. Most men were killed, and Shaw got shot and was dead.

The Outcome

The outcome was very harsh. They had a lot of people die, and Colonel Shaw died too. When the war was over, they pull all the dead bodies in the sand, and most were stacked on top of each other.