Welcome to United States History!

With Ms. Ahlbrand

Contact Information:

Name: Elisabeth Ahlbrand
Email: educeahlbran@gmail.com
Work Phone: 812-482-6050
School Address: 1600 St. Charles St.

About Me

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Ms. Elisabeth Ahlbrand! I am a recent graduate from Indiana University in Bloomington, and this will be my second year teaching United States History at Jasper High School. I am also the assistant coach of the girls' volleyball and basketball teams. I am thrilled to have all of you in class this year, and we are going to learn so much--about History and about each other. I'm looking forward to a great year will all of you!

First Week Announcements

This week, we will just be going over the syllabus in class, which consists of classroom expectations, tests/quizzes, homework policies, absences/tardies, etc. We will also be getting to know each other by participating in icebreakers and other games...I want to get to know all of you as quickly as I can! The first week will be a breeze, but next week we will finally get into what all of you have been waiting for...the history of our country!